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With a reduced pool of new members, changes in lifestyle and a long-held misconception held by many about freemasonry, the opportunity to promote your lodge to new members, the local community and freemasonry, in general, should not be missed. The best communication is through your website and other marketing outlets, including social media and special events.

Our services

Website Design and Management

Your Masonic Temple website is the more critical tool in your box for attracting your members and communicating with existing brethren. We can also manage all member communications and minute distribution.  

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Social Media Management

Social media plays a crucial role in today's digital landscape. It allows organisations to communicate, engage, and connect with their members in real time. At Squarework, we understand the importance of using social media to create awareness around your lodge and your events, including mark-token sales.

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Mark Token Design and Production

The mark token collectors market is very well established and properly designed, managed and marketed. Your lodge mark tokens can be a welcome additional stream. These are partially great for marking anniversaries and commemorating special events.

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The Lodge Thistle No 127 is right on the money as far as I'm concerned. It ticks all the boxes for what a Masonic lodge would need in the modern era.

— Andrew S.

I think Gabriel understates the quality of the work he produces. The design and attention to detail are meticulous and carried out very professionally.

— David P.

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