Marketing, Design & Communications Support for your Lodge.


Connect with Your Members, Visitors and New Initiates

Website Design and Management

Building Lodge websites which are engaging and work across all devices. Easy to manage and fully editable. You can self-manage or a fully managed site with regular updates.

Mark Token Design and  Production Management

Mark tokens are a great way to promote your lodge and a good income stream. I can help you create a collectable token that will be the envy of any collector.

Social Media Management and Member Communications

Connecting with your members, visitors and non-masons on social media is incredibly important for lodges. I will help guide you through the intricacies of being online.

Visit Our Web Shop for Mark Tokens and Masonic Gifts

We are authorised to sell masonic mark tokens on behalf of some lodges. We also have a selection of personalised masonic poems, the perfect gift for a newly installed master or to mark a special occasion.


Experienced Marketing Consultant - Scotland

I have been working with Freemason Lodges across the United Kingdom to help develop a modern communication and marketing strategy and online presence in this modern era of digital communications.

You may say, "My lodge doesn't need a website." Still, any lodge looking to attract new members must embrace technology and word of mouth, and existing members are no longer a reliable source of new candidates. But having a website isn't enough. It is not managed well and is regularly updated with new content.

I started my journey as a marketing consultant over 30 years ago. With a strong passion for helping businesses, I honed my skills and gained valuable experience working with various Freemason lodges throughout the country. Today, I specialise in developing tailored marketing strategies and creating an effective online presence for my clients, ensuring they stay relevant in this digital age.



RWM Bro David Pattison

Lodge St David (Tarbolton) Mauchline No.133

Bro Gabriel Ritchie designed the logo, invites, programmes and the mark token for the five lodges that celebrated 250 years of freemasonry in Ayrshire. The work produced by Gabriel definitely added finesse to the occasion.  

RWM Bro Angus MacDonald

Lodge Thistle No. 127

I have known and worked with Bro Gabriel for many years, and the work he has produced for the lodge has been exemplary. The new Lodge 127 website is one of the best I have seen produced for any lodge. Gabriel also manages all lodge communications through the website.


Why is a modern, mobile-friendly critical for a modern masonic lodge?

For a Masonic Lodge, embracing a responsive website is critical as we move into 2024, primarily due to its ability to foster inclusivity, accessibility, and engagement among members and the broader community.

A responsive website ensures seamless interaction across diverse devices, catering to varying screen sizes, from desktops to smartphones and tablets. This inclusivity facilitates access to vital information, event updates, and resources for members and prospective candidates, enhancing transparency and connectivity.
Moreover, in an era where online presence is a fundamental aspect of credibility, a responsive website reflects Lodge's commitment to adaptability and modernity. It serves as a digital hub, providing a platform for sharing historical insights, educational resources, and community involvement, amplifying the Lodge's impact beyond physical boundaries.

As social connectivity continues to evolve, a responsive website acts as a bridge, enabling effortless communication and interaction. It encourages active participation and engagement among members through features like forums, newsletters, and event notifications, fostering a vibrant and cohesive Masonic community.
A responsive website is not merely a technological necessity but a pivotal tool that amplifies a Masonic Lodge's mission, values, and connectivity in the ever-evolving digital landscape of 2024.


All Projects Will Aid Masonic and Local Charities

I am committed to making a meaningful impact beyond the scope of our projects by dedicating a portion of all generated revenue to charitable causes. I believe in the power of giving back and recognise my responsibility to contribute positively to our communities' welfare and Freemasonry's aims. By allocating a portion of any earnings from Squarework to support charitable endeavours. This commitment reflects the core values of Freemasonry. 


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