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Digitising Your Masonic Lodge: Navigating the web and social media with Squarework.

In the heart of tradition lies the seed of evolution. 

As members of the Masonic community, we are guardians of a rich heritage. Yet, we also face the challenge of adapting to the modern world and engaging with the next generation. Today, the digital landscape offers unprecedented opportunities for our lodges to grow, communicate, and foster our cherished values. Through my Squarework website, I am dedicated to partnering with Masonic Lodges to enhance their communication and marketing efforts, assisting in this transformative journey.

Embrace the Digital Renaissance: Your Lodge's Website and Online Presence

The digital age beckons with a promise of connectivity and outreach. A well-crafted website serves as your lodge's beacon, guiding the curious and the committed to your door. It is the narrative of your lodge's past, present, and future, beautifully woven together on a canvas of web pages. Here, the legacy of your lodge is shared, your events are showcased, and the principles of Freemasonry are presented to the broader community.

But a website is just the beginning. Most lodges that own their buildings look to generate income by attracting the local community to use a function room or bar for events. The vast digital realm encompasses the ever-evolving world of search engine optimisation (SEO) and local listings, ensuring your lodge is visible and accessible in the digital spectrum. In my day job, I specialise in these areas, offering expertise to elevate businesses and enhance their online footprint. A Freemasons Lodge is no different.

Forging Masonic Connections: The Power of Social Media and Email

Social media is not just a tool; it's a digital extension of our Masonic fellowship. Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter allow us to nurture our community, share the light of knowledge, and welcome others into our fold. Yet, understanding how to harness these platforms effectively can be daunting and takes time, knowledge, and effort.

Squarework was created to offer lodges that understanding given the unique needs and the values of Masonic Lodges. We guide you through creating engaging content, fostering meaningful interactions, and building a positive online community that reflects the dignity and integrity of our order.

Furthermore, the art of communication extends into email newsletters—a direct line to your members and the broader community. It's an art we're passionate about, crafting messages that inform, inspire, and unite. With lodges now being encouraged to deliver minutes digitally, using a newsletter function gives the reader more attractive content and allows for better engagement.

Digital Etiquette and Best Practices: Navigating the New with Respect for the Old

Freemasonry can still be a sensitive subject for some and can occasionally create negative comments, mainly due to a lack of understanding.

The digital world is boundless, yet we tread this new terrain with the same caution and respect as we do within our lodges' walls. Privacy, confidentiality, and the respectful representation of our values are paramount. Squarework is here to ensure that your digital endeavours remain faithful to the Masonic principles, providing training, resources, and guidelines to maintain the sanctity of our traditions while embracing the possibilities of the digital age.

Recent examples show that online conflicts over a difference of opinion or cultural views can result in disharmony. Learning to moderate your views and self-policing is essential to good online etiquette.

Using your website to sell

Masonic Lodge Online Shop

Lodge Thistle 127 web shop

Income has always been significant to lodges, and selling merchandise is a great way to generate additional funds. You can easily sell items via your website, including mark tokens, pins and ties, which you can achieve in several ways, including:

  • Sell via secretary or allocated brother - but make it obvious how to contact and ensure contact details are current.
  • Display products for sale and create a payment link such as PayPal.
  • Create your own online shop with a payment gateway or link.

Each of these options can easily be explained in further detail.

A new option I am exploring is creating an online shop for lodges to sell mark tokens and other merchandise via the Squarework shop. This would reduce your lodge's need for its own shop and allow buyers to purchase from more than one lodge at a time, saving postage and packing. Please get in touch if this is of interest.

Join Us on the Digital Journey

The path to digitising your Masonic lodge is one of discovery, learning, and community. It's a journey we at Squarework are committed to walking with you. Whether you're looking to enhance your lodge's website, engage more effectively on social media, or ensure your digital communications reflect the solemnity and brotherhood of our order, we are here to assist.

We invite you to delve deeper into the possibilities of digital transformation for your lodge. Initiate a one-on-one meeting with me or arrange a talk for your members to explore this lecture further. Together, we can bridge the gap between tradition and innovation, ensuring our cherished Masonic values shine brightly in the digital age.

Get in touch

For more information, to schedule a personal consultation, or to organise a seminar, don't hesitate to contact me at Let us embark on this digital journey together, hand in hand, into the future of Freemasonry.